Mile Ten Sewing offers various embroidery stabilisers, threads and more!


Stabilisers we sell by roll or by yard for customer convenience!


Hot Melt Film

Sticks to your non-teflon iron after embroidering. Great for appliqué, sweatshirts, toweling, etc. You can embroider directly on it. Use when you want the stabilizer to completely disappear after embroidering but you don’t want to wet the fabric.

Item number #1748 (10″ x 50 yd)


Non woven, remove by tearing away after use.

EM-40 Light Weight Tearaway (15″x 10 yd)

EM-80 Medium Heavy Weight Tearaway (15″ x 10 yd)


Medium Weight Cutaway soft feel for knitted fabrics! 2.2 oz., 62g/m² (15″ x 50 yd)

Water Soluble Topping Film

Embossed Cold Water Soluble Topping Film, 35 micron
Heavier weight film than our other films. Non-toxic, fully biodegradable. Ideal dissolving temp is 15°C.        (30cm x 25 m)


Gives added stability without a bulky backing underneath it. Dissolves in warm or cool water with several launderings. 1.5 oz Tearaway. (15″x 10 yd)

Cloud Cover Stitch

Fuse Cloud Cover Stitch over the back of a finished design to cover scratchy stitches on the backside of embroidery designs. It is soft and sheer –ideal for baby garments, golf shirts, or tees. Anywhere to avoid a scratchy irritant to the skin! Cloud Cover has a very unique multi directional stretch. It bonds at a moderate temperature with your fabric but will in no way adversely affect the bulk or drapability of your garment. It is also used on silks and satin’s in order to arrest any unravelling or shredding while sewing. Iron should be set at 300 F or wool setting, iron for 8-12 seconds with a press cloth on top. DO NOT USE STEAM! Note: Cloud Cover Stitch is not a stabiliser. (11 1/2 x 10 yd)



We sell bobbing threads in black and white. We have both pre-wound bobbins and 10000 meter cones

Embroidery thread is available upon request. We carry black and white all other colors can be ordered including metallic and glow in the dark.