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Knife Edge Sharpening Stone

Regular maintenance is essential to keep Gingher’s Knife Edge scissors blades at peak cutting performance. Regular use of the G-S Sharpening stone extends blade life. Verify that your scissors have a knife edge by first reviewing the product information included with the scissors or available on-line. Damaged Gingher scissors can be returned to Gingher for proper edge re-grinding, re-controlling the blades and re-setting the points. Each sharpening stone is packaged with a fitted leather sheath for storage. Hint: Only the knife edge of your Gingher scissors should be sharpened. The blade bearing the Gingher trademark is the normal edge and should never be sharpened.

Item Number : G - S

4" Embroidery, Chrome Finish

Versatile for all sewing and needle arts. Strong frame for cutting one layer of fabric or lightweight yarn. Sharp points reach and cut multiple threads. Includes leather sheath for storage. Double-plated chrome over nickel.

Item Number : G - 4

7.5 Inch Pinking Shear

A sewing or crafting kit isn’t complete without Gingher’s Pinking Shears for making a nice finish on seams and a distinctive edge for crafts. Pinking shears produce a ravel-resistant zigzag cut on seams. To maintain the original, hand-tuned setting of the blades, we recommend cutting only one layer of material at a time. Blades should be cleared of lint frequently to maximize effectiveness.

Item Number : G-7P

8 Inch Knife Edge Dressmakers Shear

The 8 inch Dressmaker’s Shears have a versatile longer length cut and blades strong enough to trim and cut multiple layers of fabric effortlessly. The longer cut is ideal for cutting out patterns and trimming seams. Gingher’s precision ground knife edge cuts flawlessly all the way to the points. The bent handle allows for smooth, comfortable cutting across a tabletop or counter.

Item Number : G-8