Miscellaneous Household Items

Kai Kitchen Shear

The Kai Select 100 Kitchen Shear is an ideal choice for your kitchen. It features high carbon, stainless steel serrated blades and large, comfortable handles for easy use. Additionally it is dishwasher safe, and since the blades separate at the pivot, they are able fit perfectly into any dishwasher's silverware basket.

Item Number : DH3005

Wiltshire Spreader Knife

The round tip spreader knife is perfect for spreader and also has sharp teeth for cutting!

Fiskars Kitchen Shear Kit 3 pcs.

Fiskars Brand. Three versatile designs will change the way you make your favorite meals. Featuring our Heavy-duty Butcher Shears All-purpose Kitchen Shears and Fast-prep Herb Shears this premium set simplifies every stage of cooking. Each distinct pair saves time cuts down on cleaning and makes cooking more enjoyable. The Heavy-duty Butcher Shears serrated blades internal spring and power notch make it easy to power through thick bones and meat. For all your everyday cutting needs call on the can-do attitude of the durable and versatile All-purpose Kitchen Shears. For finer mincing and snipping discover the precise spring-loaded speed of the Fast-prep Herb Shears. All designs feature extra-sharp stainless-steel blades and ergonomic handles with Softgrip touchpoints for comfortable control. For extra easy cleanup enjoy great features like take-apart blades and dishwasher-safe designs.

Item Number : 510061-1001

Flint Lint Roller

Flint is a retractable, refillable and fashionable lint roller that easily removes lint, dust and pet hair from clothing. It's fun, colorful and portable, perfect for staying lint-free on the go! Flint is small enough to fit in handbags, glove compartments, clutches, suitcases and briefcases. Because Flint retracts inside its shell, it never sticks to things you don't want it to! Each Flint roller contains 30 highest quality Japanese reusable sheets.

Item Number : 13002

Thick n' Thin Cheese Slicer

Thick 'n Thin Slicer is two slicers in one. Two separate, permanently attached cutting wires give you the choice of cutting thick or thin slices of cheese. Choose the side of the tool to use and the stainless steel cutting wire will slice the cheese cleanly and evenly with one stroke.

Item Number : 23001

Mop & Broom Organizer

Tidy up your closet instantly with the Mop & Broom Organizer. Slide your broom or mop handle through one of its two unique rubber grips and let gravity do the rest to hold your items securely in place. Made of durable plastic, three multi-purpose hooks are perfect for hanging dusters and dust pans.

Item Number : 33300

Mop & Broom Holder

Organize your closet in an instant with the Mop & Broom Holder. Slide your broom or mop handle through the unique rubber grip and let gravity do the rest to hold it securely in place. Made of durable plastic, this holder features a simple and clean design.

Item Number : 33000