Seam Rippers

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Kai Seam Remover

The Kai Seam Remover is ideal for cutting away unwanted stitches or threads. Its unique design allows for fear-free unsewing. The guards keeps you and your fabric safe while delivering precise seam removal.

Surgical Seam Ripper

Very thin curved blade makes it easy to rip straight or serged stitches. Wide plastic handle makes it comfortable to use.

Item Number : 7151

Mini Seam-Fix Ripper

Seam Ripper/Thread Remover - new mini size only 3-1/4" long 20 each of 3 assorted colors -Innovative rubber thread remover on cap and bottom- makes ripping seams and removing threads so easy! New, mini size is great for travel to classes and retreats!

Item Number : SFM60D

Seam Ripper Brown

The small ball on the point will prevent damaging materials when used.

Item Number : 463

Clover Seam Ripper White

Ripping out seams, basting threads, cutting thread under buttons.

Item Number : 482

Seam Ripper Deluxe

Long lasting heavy duty blade Safety ball protects fabric Clear cap

Item Number : 638

Curved Blade Seam Ripper

Remove stitching quickly and easily Large soft grip handle with thumb hold Protective cover Extra sharp blade cuts through unwanted stitches easily Thin blade slides under stitches for quick cutting Smoothly cuts through serger stitches

Item Number : 640

Seam- Fix Seam Ripper

Seam ripper blade cuts unwanted threads and special tips whisk them neatly away Cuts threads Grabs and erases threads

Item Number : 665

Seam Ripper

Use seam ripper to cut and remove unwanted stitches Clear cap

Item Number : CW14