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Iron Apron

Covers standard iron plate Protects iron from adhesives and starch buildup

Item Number : 82618

Non- Stick Pressing Sheet

Heat-resistant Great for travel—protects clothing from rust/water deposits from hotel irons Great for crafts—paints/glues peel or rub off 100% PTFE (Polytetraflouroethylene)

Item Number : 82443

Long Pearlized Pins 100 cnt.

Use for general sewing, crafts and decorative projects Long shaft Nickel-plated steel White

Item Number : 68-9

Slip and Grips

Slip ‘N Grips are pressure sensitive and can be easily applied to a ruler or template With Slip ‘N Grips, a ruler can be slipped across fabric and will grip when pressure is applied Cutting and marking are easier and more accurate

Item Number : 3141

Flat Head Pins

Dritz Quilting flat head pins are straight pins with white star-shaped heads; the star-shaped heads are printed with numbers or directional arrows for use in organizing quilt pieces. Use numbered pins to keep track of strips or blocks to sew in a particular order Use arrow pins to remember pressing directions for blocks or strips Package includes 115 pins: 6 each numbered 1–10; 10 each directional arrows (up, down, left, right); 15 blank (no markings)

Item Number : 3019

Quilter's Pins 500 cnt.

Plastic ball head Extra-long steel Yellow

Item Number : 3009

Quilter's Pins 175 cnt.

Plastic ball head Extra-long steel Yellow

Item Number : 3005

Flip It Tape Measure

Non-stretch, reinforced fiberglass Extra-wide with large clear markings Front side measures 144 inch—flip and continue to 288 inch on back Yardage markings on tape: 1/16 yd, 1/8 yd, 1/4 yd, 1/3 yd, 3/8 yd, 1/2 yd, 5/8 yd, 2/3 yd, 3/4 yd, 7/8 yd up to 8 yds

Item Number : 842

Wrap n Stay Retractable Tape Measure

Take your own body measurements Metric and inches printed on both sides Top quality retracting mechanism and reinforced polyester tape Built-in slot on side of case secures tape for accurate measuring

Item Number : 837

Iron On Transfer Pencil

Transfers designs from paper to fabric with iron Trace or draw your own designs

Item Number : 684

Tailor's Marking Set

Strong ceramic lead is made from water soluble dyes and is specially formulated for fabric—suitable for light and dark fabrics Includes a soft finger grip for comfort Includes: 1 ct pen 1 ct plastic lead case 3 ct Pink 0.9mm 3 ct Green 0.9mm 3 ct White 0.9mm

Item Number : 667

Hummingbird Needle Threader

This Dritz® hummingbird needle threader is an indispensable, multi-feature sewing tool that is used to thread hand sewing needles quickly and easily. Easy-to-hold; needle threader has indented profile for finger placement and gripping Beak swings upward to expose wire, and then swings downward to protect for storage Small lanyard hole in top of wing can be used for inserting cord or string Suitable for most hand sewing needles with the exception of beading needles Decorative hummingbird shape

Item Number : 270

Vue- Thru Press Cloths (2 Pack)

Protects fabric from shine, scorch, water spots and pressing marks Reduces resin build-up on iron soleplate when applying iron-on interfacings, patches and appliques Vue-thru fabric makes it possible to see garment position through press cloth

Item Number : 598

Pearlized Pins Petite

se for floral crafts and DIY decorations Stainless steel White Rustproof Stackable box with curved side for easy pin removal

Item Number : 132

Omnigrid Marking Ruler Trio

Omnigrid marking ruler 3 pack. Half inch wide rulers in 3 lengths, 12, 6 and 4 inches.

Item Number : R1264S

Crystal Glasshead Pins

These very fine glass head pins with excellent - sharp tips glide right through fabric. The extra long length makes them well suited for quilting. The colors are easy to see on all fabrics. They will soon become your favorite quilting pin. 100 ct - 1.25"

Item Number : C110

Liquid Stitch 4oz Tube

For hems, appliques, patches, zippers and more Permanent adhesive Machine washable and dryable

Item Number : 653111

Ham Holder

Ham Holder

Item Number : 82622

Bamboo Point and Creaser

Use to turn points on wearables and appliqués For pressing seams when hand or foundation piecing Use round end to temporarily mark fabric with a crease Use pointed end to guide fabric when machine stitching

Item Number : 3150

Tailor's Chalk Sharpener

Creates a fine, even edge Removes rough edges and nicks

Item Number : 696

Bobbin Box

Holds 28 standard-size bobbins Clear lid allows you to see thread colors

Item Number : 509

Needle Storage Tubes

Dritz® needle storage tubes with labels are a handy accessory for identifying and storing hand needles for sewing and quilting; magnetized tube easily dispenses needles for use. Internal magnet brings needles to top; holds and fans them out for easy selection One 20-count package of needles will fit in a single tube Contains 3 tubes with brightly colored caps Includes 33 clear labels for all types and sizes of needles Suitable for storing needles up to 2.25 inches (5.7 cm) in length

Item Number : 812

Measuring Gauge

14 commonly-used measurements, ranging from 1/8 inch to 2 inch, sided tool Handy gauge for checking small measurements when quilting or sewing

Item Number : 3100

Magnetic Seam Guide

Use to stitch even seams, tucks, and pleats with out marking Adjusts to any position on metal throat plate of sewing machine

Item Number : 626

Flexible LED Light

Portable light with 3 LED bulbs that provide over 10,000 light hours 13-1/2 inch flexible arm and light head can be adjusted to any angle ON/OFF switch Freestanding on work surface Clip to book or belt Mount to sewing machine or computer with adhesive strip or to a wall with screws (screws not included)

Item Number : 942

Babyville Kam Snap Plier

The perfect DIY tool for diaper makers and the apparel seamstress. Babyville Boutique Pliers apply the same snaps found on commercial cloth diapers and covers without the need for expensive machinery, affording diaper and apparel sewers the opportunity to easily and quickly apply fashionable and durable plastic "no rust" snap closures to their projects. Easy to use, durable pliers apply Babyville Boutique Snaps with ease.

Item Number : 35039

Flat Flower Pins (50)

flat flower pins brightly colored heads that are easy to see and grasp pin heads lay flat under a ruler each pin is 2 inches long

Item Number : C135

Flat Flower Pins (100)

flat flower pins brightly colored heads that are easy to see and grasp pin heads lay flat under a ruler each pin is 2 inches long

Item Number : C155

Glass Head Pins

White Glass Ball - Fine, Sharp - 0.50mm Steel Shaft 200 count

Item Number : C103

Seam Ripper

Use seam ripper to cut and remove unwanted stitches Clear cap

Item Number : CW14

OmniEdge 4in. x 36in. Ruler

OmniEdge Non-Slip Quilter's Ruler, 4 x 36 in transparent

Item Number : RE436

OmniGrid 1in.x 6in. Ruler

Small and versatile, this pocket-size version of the OG1C is for those applications in sewing, crafts, quilting and weaving where a mini-ruler is more convenient.

Item Number : R1

OmniGrid 1in.x 12in. Ruler

Circles and seams are no problem with this three-in-one ruler. It measures, helps mark both applique and quilting seam allowances, and is designed to be used in conjunction with our standard beam compass

Item Number : 611 651

Fashion Buckle

Design your own one-of-a-kind belt to match or accent your outfit Create a belt using belting, elastic or fabric This package contains one metal buckle for a 1 inch belt Black/Nickel Heart Design

Item Number : 187-1

Pressing Cloth

Protects from shine, scorch, water spots and pressing marks Use with dry iron or steam 100% Cotton

Item Number : 82442

Overall Buckles with No-Sew Buttons (2 pk)

For 1-5/8 inch (4.1 cm) straps Gilt

Item Number : 88-35

Mechanical Fabric Pencil Fons & Porter

Great for dark fabrics! Soft grip for added comfort. Strong ceramic 0.9mm white lead is specially formulated for fabric. Lead is made from water soluble dyes. 10ct replacement lead included. Dark Refill Leads Item # 7758 White Refill Leads item # 7759

Item Number : 7757

Elastic Guides 3 pack

Keeps elastic and ribbon from twisting while inserting into casings. It is easy to use simply match

Item Number : 707

Eyelet Plier Kit

Use eyelets to create laced effects on garments and craft projects. Pliers and eyelets included.

Item Number : 574

Closed Safety Pins # 0

Pins are rust resistant. For basting quilts, jewelry making and crafts. Nickel-Plated Steel. Size 0. 3/4". 10 Gross per box = 1440 count pins per box

Item Number : 540100

Closed Safety Pins #1

Pins are rust resistant. For basting quilts, jewelry making and crafts. Nickel-Plated Steel. Size 1. 1 -1/16". 10 Gross per box = 1440 count pins per box

Item Number : 511100

Closed Safety Pins # 3

Pins are rust resistant. For basting quilts, jewelry making and crafts. Nickel-Plated Steel. Size 3. 2". 10 Gross per box = 1440 count pins per box

Item Number : 513100

Snap Plier Kit

The pliers are a handy tool for creating functioning snap fasteners on tops, jackets, purses, totes, wallets, device cases, pockets, pillows, curtain tie backs and more These pliers apply snaps sizes 15 & 16 and Pearl snaps size 16 Kit includes: pliers, 1 yellow adapter, 2 rubber rings, and 4 size 16 snaps

Item Number : 16P

Grommet Plier Kit

Use for applying 3/8" Brass Grommets on shower curtains, duffle bags, tents and tarps.

Item Number : 1P

Heavy Duty Snap Plier Kit

Kit includes 4 heavy duty snaps, 5/8", applies heavy duty snaps #5 and #105.

Item Number : 24P

Plastic Rings

For cafe curtains and tiebacks for clothing White Sizes/ Codes: 1 1/2" - 713-112 1" - 713-1 3/4" - 713-34 1/2" - 713-12 Size: 1-1/2 in (3.8 cm)

Item Number : 713 - 112, 1, 34, 12

Tape Measure

60" measure tape with metal tips

Item Number : 834-2

1/2 inch Polyester Horsehair Braid

•Stiffens and defines straight and curved hems •Washable and dry cleanable •100% polyester Size: 1/2 in x 50 yd (1.27 cm x 45.7 m)

Item Number : 789R-12

1 inch Polyester Horsehair Braid

•Stiffens and defines straight and curved hems •Washable and dry cleanable •100% polyester Size: 1 in x 50 yd (2.5 cm x 45.7 m)

Item Number : 789R-1

Easy Attacher Kit

Applies size #15 and #16 snaps Includes 4 size 16 snaps in nickel

Item Number : 16K

Slip Stop Thimble

The perfect thimble for sewing, crafts and quilting Safety ridge on top keeps needle from slipping Nickel-Plated Zinc Sizes Available: Large, Medium and Small

Item Number : 162-L, 162- M & 162- S

D Rings Black 1-1/4

For making adjustable ties, belts and straps

Item Number : 117-114-1

Garment Storage Bag

For long-term storage of garments 100% Polypropylene nonwoven fabric

Item Number : 82629

Sheer Press Cloth

Protects fashion fabric from shine-scorch-press marks and water spots Sheer, lightweight and can be used with steam and high iron temperatures 100% Silk Organza Size: 22 in x 30 in (55.8 cm x 76.2 cm)

Item Number : 82505

Cotton Ironing Board Cover

100% high-quality cotton duck promotes durability Heavy-duty, ultra-plush pad permits soft, smooth, quieter ironing Heavy-duty cotton helps keep fabric from excessive slipping Elastic bungee cord plus hook-and-loop fastening system tailors cover to board for a tight, secure fit Fits board up to 15 inch (38.10 cm) wide

Item Number : 82454

Silicone Iron Rest

Protects surfaces from a hot iron Safe for use on ironing boards, tables or counters Raised dots help iron cool faster

Item Number : 82444

Iron-Off Hot Iron Cleaner

Removes starch, fusible webs and detergents Non-Flammable Non-Abrasive Iron-off will not remove discoloration in metal finish

Item Number : 82441

Magic Wand

Safe for all washable fabrics 100% concentrated Will not get soft or messy Great for collars and cuffs Removes ball point ink, grease, chocolate, blood, wine, grass stains and perspiration.

Item Number : 20125

Quilter's Film Marking Pencils

Writes on any porous or non-porous material Moisture-resistant and resists fading

Item Number : 3723

Bamboo Stiletto

Sharp tip grabs and adjusts fabric when stitching straight or curved seams Point keeps fabric from shifting to the side when sewing end of seams Use to turn under seam allowances when pressing appliques Helps position trims and embellishments when machine stitching in place

Item Number : 3168

Binding Clips

Holds quilt binding flat and secure while stitching Quick and easy-to-use

Item Number : 3159

Bias Tape Maker 1 inch

Item Number : 3147

Bias Tape Maker 1/2 inch

Item Number : 3146

Chalk Cartridge Refills

Use with Dritz Quilting Item 3095 Includes: 8 ct White chalk 8 ct chalk in assorted colors: Peach, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Green, Purple, Dark Blue, Yellow

Item Number : 3096

Chalk Cartridge Set

Collection of nine chalk colors suitable for marking light and dark fabrics Ideal for quilting, sewing and crafts Includes: 1 ct chalk pen 1 ct sharpener 8 ct White chalk 8 ct chalk in assorted colors: Peach, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Green, Purple, Dark Blue, Yellow

Item Number : 3095

Fray Check Bonus Pack

Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends Washable and dry cleanable

Item Number : 1674

Retractable Tape Measure

Plastic case with retractable, non stretch fiberglass tape Metric on reverse side Size: 60 in (1.52 m)

Item Number : 943

Lint Brush Blue

For cleaning sewing machines, sergers and small appliances Removes harmful dust and lint from moving machine parts Large, soft grip handle Angled point fits into tight spots Nylon

Item Number : 936

Serger Tweezers

Thread overlock machines Reach into areas with limited space

Item Number : 918

Jean A Ma Jig

For topstitching and machine hemming over thick seams Use on jeans, jackets, towels, quilts, upholstery and home dec projects Can be used with any sewing machine

Item Number : 915

Sewing Machine Light Bulb Screw In

Bulb fits most machines using screw-in base

Item Number : 911

Sewing Machine Light Bulb Push In

Bulb fits most machines using push-in base

Item Number : 910

Serger Needle Threader

Extra long for hard-to-reach needles Fits most serger needles

Item Number : 907

Zoom Spout Oiler®

For all sewing machines, sergers and general household use Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust Clear Size: 4 fl oz (118 ml)

Item Number : 904

Machine Oil

For sewing machines and general household use Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust Size: 3/4 fl oz (22 ml)

Item Number : 902


Pattern Cutting board designed to make sewing projects easy and fun Converts any flat surface into a work area Durable Kraft board Clear markings Inch and metric measurements Metric equivalency chart Straight and true bias guidelines Scallop and circle patterns Size when open: 39-3/4 in x 71-3/4 in (101 cm x 182 cm) Size when folded: 12 in x 39-3/4 in (30.4 cm x 101 cm) Size: 39-3/4 in x 71-3/4 in (101 cm x 182 cm)

Item Number : 890

Super Seamer Ruler

Clear ruler with 1/8 inch markings Ideal for quilting, sewing and crafts Size: 1/4 in x 1/2 in x 6-3/4 in (6 mm x 1.3 cm x 17.1 cm)

Item Number : 862

Hip Curve Ruler

For pattern drafting or alterations Creates long, softly curved lines Ideal for hip & thigh area Great for lapels Size: 24 in (60.96 cm)

Item Number : 846

Curve Ruler

Essential tool for pattern drafting Tight curve for drawing and blending lines Ideal for garment alterations: Necklines Armholes Sleeve caps Collars Crotch Curves Size: 12 in (30.48 cm)

Item Number : 845

Design Ruler

Measure and mark seam allowances and placement for trims or stitching details Transparent ruler allows you to see your project under the ruler for accurate positioning and measuring Convenient size to keep next to your machine for quick measuring and marking Designed with multiple markings: 6 inch ruler with 1/16 inch outer edge marks on one side of ruler 3 inch centering ruler on opposite side of ruler 1/4 inch spaced holes for centering Size: 6 in (15.24 cm)

Item Number : 841

Styling Design Ruler

4 Rulers in 1: French Curve, Hip Curve, Straight Ruler, Cut-Out Slot For pattern alterations, garment alterations, or anytime a curved or straight edge is needed

Item Number : 832

Quilt-N-Sew See-Thru Ruler

Ideal for drafting quilt blocks and designs For enlarging patterns 1/8 inch grid lines make it easy to draw parallel & perpendicular lines 1/16 inch markings around outer edges Holes for drawing circles & scallops Size: 2 in x 18 in (5.08 cm x 45.72 cm)

Item Number : 831

Soft Grip Tweezers

Tweezers feature a soft grip cushion and sharp, angled tips Soft grip cushion on handles provides a comfortable, stable grip Sharp points on tips grasp objects tightly and securely Angled tips help reach into areas with limited space Use to thread hard to reach areas on sergers and sewing machines Ideal for crafts and hobbies

Item Number : 818

Bound Buttonhole Tool

Create uniform bound buttonholes up to 1 1/2 in long Adds a touch of tailored couture fashion to your garments

Item Number : 811

Yardstick with Metal Tip

Metal tips 1/4 holes on both ends of yardstick Size: 1 in x 36 in (2.54 cm x 0.91 cm)

Item Number : 744

Deluxe Chalk Hem Marker

Mark your own hem Marks hems 4-1/2 inch to 29-1/2 inch from the floor Chalk powder included

Item Number : 699

Buttonhole Spacer and Sizer

Measuring gauge with horizontal and vertical rulers used to size and space buttonholes Inch and centimeter markings

Item Number : 690

Chalk Refill


Item Number : 681

Seam-Fix Seam Ripper

Seam ripper blade cuts unwanted threads and special tips whisk them neatly away Cuts threads Grabs and erases threads

Item Number : 665

Chalk Wheel Kit

Small wheel rolls smoothly across fabric and disperses an even, fine line of chalk Includes: 1 ct chalk wheel 2 ct White chalk 1 ct Blue chalk

Item Number : 662

Seam Gauge

Small multi-purpose metal ruler with point turner and sliding right-angle marker that stays in place for repeated marking Use point to gently push out corners on collars, lapels, cuffs, pockets and waistbands Use sliding marker to measure and mark hem depths, seam allowances, establish buttonhole spacing and length and to evenly space tucks and pleats Use small hole in gauge and sliding marker as a compass when drawing scallops and circles Size: 7 in (17.78 cm)

Item Number : 658

Curved Blade Seam Ripper

Remove stitching quickly and easily Large soft grip handle with thumb hold Protective cover Extra sharp blade cuts through unwanted stitches easily Thin blade slides under stitches for quick cutting Smoothly cuts through serger stitches

Item Number : 640

Seam Ripper Deluxe

Long lasting heavy duty blade Safety ball protects fabric Clear cap

Item Number : 638

Point Turner and Seam Creaser

Turns points, creases seams and removes basting stitches

Item Number : 636

Button Gauge & Point Turner

For making thread shanks For turning points

Item Number : 633


Punch holes in leather and plastics Make hand-worked eyelets Start holes for small wood screws To hold and ease fabric under needle while sewing

Item Number : 624

Beeswax with Holder

Prevents thread from tangling when hand sewing Will not stain or discolor thread

Item Number : 622

See-Thru Dressmaker's Ruler

Parallel slots for precision markings from 1/4 inch to 3-3/8 inch Measure and mark exact location of buttons, buttonholes, pockets, etc. Measure straight of grain from fabric selvages Measure and mark spacing for pleats and tucks Mark guide lines for decorative stitching Simplify pattern alterations Guide tracing wheel and pencils markings Measure and mark bias strips Draw guide lines for undercollar padstitching Size: 4 in X 15 in (10.2 cm X 38.1 cm)

Item Number : 621

Sewing Gauge

Sliding marker can be moved and will stay in place for repeated marking Measure and mark hems Mark seam allowances and hems on pattern alterations and designs Mark buttonhole spacing and length Determine buttonhole length by measuring diameter plus thickness of button Evenly space tucks and pleats Draw scallops and circles Size: 6 in (15.24 cm)

Item Number : 620

Ezy-Hem Gauge

For hems 1/4 to 4 inch on a straight edge and 1/4 to 2-1/2 inch on a curved edge To turn and press edges on pockets, pattern alterations, belt and waistbands To turn and press edges before stitching patches and appliques in place

Item Number : 617

4 Pattern Weights

Cut patterns without pinning Works on any type of fabric (ideal for delicate fabrics) Saves time

Item Number : 607

Tailor's Ham

The Dritz tailor's ham is a handy pressing tool used for pressing and molding darts, sleeve caps and curved seams. Use plaid side (65% cotton/35% polyester) for woolens, synthetic blends & fabrics requiring low to medium temperatures Use cotton side (100% cotton) for cotton, linen & fabrics requiring medium to high temperatures

Item Number : 562

Seam Roll

The Dritz seam roll is a handy pressing tool used for pressing seams open on long and narrow sleeves, pant legs and other hard-to-reach areas. Use plaid side (65% cotton/35% polyester) for woolens, synthetic blends & fabrics requiring low to medium temperatures Use cotton side (100% cotton) for cotton, linen & fabrics requiring medium to high temperatures

Item Number : 561

Wash Away Wonder Tape

A double-sided transparent tape that disappears after first washing Great for home sewing or crafting Perfect for holding together seams or hems before stitching Can be sewn through without gumming up your needle Size: 1/4 in x 10 yds (6.4 mm x 9.1 m)

Item Number : 406

Spray Adhesive

Item Number : 403

Fray Check with applicator

Prevents fabric from fraying and secures thread ends Washable and dry cleanable Screw-on applicator holds fabric against bottle tip Size: 0.75 oz (22.5 ml)

Item Number : 399

Machine Needle Inserter & Threader

Needle inserter holds needle steady for easy insertion and removal from the machine Ideal for specialty threads Needle threader reduces eye strain and threads needles quickly

Item Number : 253

Color Ball Pins Size 17 - 1 1/16

General purpose sewing pins For medium weight fabrics 2.5mm multi color heads Nickel-plated steel

Item Number : 79

Color Ball Pins 100 - 1 1/16

General purpose sewing pins For medium weight fabrics Rustproof Stainless Steel

Item Number : 36