Miscellaneous Notions

Mini Grabbit Magnetic Pincushion

Grabbit Mini Magnetic Pincushion 3 Count ... Triple the Fun of the Original Grabbit! 3in Diameter 3 Mini Grabbits per box (one red one yellow one blue) Use at the sewing machine on the ironing board at easy chair in office drawer, in junk drawer...unlimited uses!!!

Item Number : MGB

Jumbo Bobbinsaver Red

The same flexible rubbery plastic unit that your customers have come to know and love for their standard bobbins is now available in a Jumbo size that is compatible with both the Bernina 700 and 800 series bobbins! (RED only) Holds bobbins that are 1-1/16in diameter.

Item Number : JBS

Phaff Bobbin

Pfaff Creative models 4.0, 5.0 and 5.5, Expression models 2.0, 3.0, 3.2, 4.0, 4.2, Select 4.0 Expression 150, Creative Performance 5.0 - Viking Sapphire 830, 835, 850, 855, 870, 875, 960Q - Alternative number 820793096

Item Number : 4.05.0

BULB Viking 6690 bayonet 12 volt 4 watt

Item Number : 4118647

Mary Ellen Best Press Starch Spray

Make ironing as pleasant as possible! No more mixing starch with water or environmentally-unfriendly aerosol cans that get clogged.Best Press The Clear Starch Alternative is a clear and fragrant miracle starch that doesn't clog flake or leave a residue; even on dark fabrics. It also relaxes stubborn wrinkles makes ironing easier and makes fabrics soil-resistant. Come in following scents: Scent Free, Linen Fresh, Lavender Fields, Citrus Grove, Caribbean Beach, Peaches and Cream, Cherry Blossom, The Rose Garden and Mint Splash (2oz) bottles.

Item Number : MES60070

Tool Caddy

The perfect portable workstation holds sewing, quilting or beading hand tools next to the machine and on the go.

Item Number : TC-W

Serger Pad Trim Catcher

Originally designed to protect tabletops and to prevent crawling, our customers continue to find an endless array of other uses for this popular work surface. Our Serger Pad was specially designed to absorb noise and eliminate creeping across your work surface. Its 12″ x 12″ dimensions will accommodate most serger machines. The Pad features a polyethylene foam backing that reduces vibration, while the integral trim catcher helps to keep your work area clean.

Item Number : PS300

Pedal Sta

Are you finding it difficult keeping your sewing machine pedal from sliding? If so, we have a solution for you. Our popular Pedal-Stay II non-skid pad has been ergonomically designed to eliminate the fatigue normally associated with sliding foot pedals. No longer will you find yourself stretching to reach a pedal on the move. Our pedal pad works equally well on carpet and hard floors. The Pedal-Sta II Pedal-Stay II will accommodate any brand of sewing machine or serger pedal. Your pedal can be easily positioned on the pad using the Velcro strips included. This practical, low-cost accessory is a must have for any sewing room. It was developed to address a common problem and to make sewing easier and more comfortable. Other common applications: Others using our Pedal-Stay pads include jewelers, craftsmen, sculptors and even tool makers – virtually anyone working with a flexible shaft machine requiring a rheostat or pedal.

Item Number : PS 200

Mundial 4 1/2" Thread Snip

Mundial Classic Forged 4-1/2" Thread Clipper Cutter Snip Scissors 801

Item Number : 801

Needle Point Oiler

The perfect method for pin-point distribution of oil. The stainless steel needle tip puts a small drop of oil exactly where you want it. It is leak-proof and the squeeze tube is made of clear plastic. The cap contains a "pocket clip" for easy convenient carrying and storage. Comes pre-filled with sewing machine oil.

Item Number : oiler

Lobster Claw

Flexible elastic cord and sturdy clip. Great for attaching your scissors or clippers to your sewing table or machine so they don't fall and break or walk away! Length is 34" long (not stretched). Available in red, fuschia, blue or black. Choice of color may not be available.

Item Number : claw

Wrist Magnetic Pincushion

Wide comfortable band with easy to close velcro strap & adjustable loop buckle for fast fit. Powerful magnet lines up pins for easiest grabbing. Includes 17 plastic head Grabbit pins.

Item Number : WMP

Scissor Spot Machine Magnet

Powerful magnetic spot with suction cup attached for us on sewing machines. Easily grab pin and/or scissors.

Item Number : SS

Magnetic Pincushion

Colors Available: Purple, Strawberry, Lime, Red, Lavender and Blue No more picking up spilled pins one by one - sweep them up with your Grabbit! This round plastic pin holder has a powerful magnetic field. Size: 1-5/16" tall, 4-1/4" diameter. Includes 50 plastic head pins.

Item Number : GMP


Colors Available: Lavender, Red and Blue Holds over 20 metal or plastic bobbins of all different sizes. The flexible rubbery plastic expands to receive the bobbin and promptly snugs up around it, so theads won't tangle or unwind.

Item Number : BS

Comfort Thimble

The Comfort Thimble is ergonomically designed and is perfect for those with sensitive or arthritic fingers. This thimble is soft and flexible. It hugs your finger with a natural fit. The Comfort Thimble's deep dimples and angled tip give you perfect needle control. We carry Medium, Small and Extra Small in sizes.

Item Number : CT-M, CT-S & CT-XS

Grommet Plier Kit

Kit includes Osborne Grommet Setting Plier, Hole Punch and one gross of grommets This kit sets 3/16” hole diameter grommets.

Item Number : K257

Staple Lifter

The correct angle for removing staples of any size, from the smallest to the longest leg staples. Manufactured from alloy tempered steel. Electronically hardened working ends. Fluted amber cellulose acetate handle to keep from rolling.

Item Number : 1201/2

3" Ring Pin

Nickel plated. Ring Pin. Packaged 3 in a pack

Revolving Hole Punch

Six tube punch made with tubes 1,2,3,4,5,6 or 0,1,2,3,5 & 7. This punch is known as the best Revolving Punch made. The frame is made of forged steel, highly polished. Cutting tubes are turned from specialcarbon tool steel and threaded to allow easy replacement. These tubes are individually hardened. The reach or distance from the cutting tube to the back of jaw is 1 1/2". Weight each is 14 oz. Size 0 to 7 provided unless specified otherwise.

Item Number : 223

Applique Scissors 6"

Applique Scissors with Bill The perfect tool for trimming applique and stabilizer from the back of your embroidery, as well as cutting close to your seams.

Item Number : 1209

Easy Threader

Easy Threader Flexible Drawstring Rethreading Needle. The EZ Threader allows you to quickly thread your drawcords through casings. Fix all of your skirts, sweatpants and hoodies, quickly and easily.

Item Number : 65125

Plastic Pfaff Bobbin 3 pk.

Package of 4 Bobbins Compatible with Pfaff 917 927 947 1025 1027 1035 1047 1151 1171 1229 1469 6085 6091

Item Number : PB9033

Needle Threader 3 pk.

Good for hand and machine needles. Package of 3

Item Number : 7605

That Purple Thang

Item Number : 6722

Simflex Expandable Sewing Gauge

Quick and easy to use. Simply lay it over your garment and expand it to the desired length for perfectly measured equal distances and accurate spacing from 3/8" to 3 3/8". Ideal for shirring, smocking, buttons, eyes, drapery pleats, dress pleats, and tucks and gathers.

Item Number : 1478

Lint Brush Single End

Item Number : LB1305