Refills for Pen Style Chaco Liners.

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Powdered cartridge refill for Chaco Liner Pen Style.


Replacing the Refill Cartridge:

  1.  Remove the stopper, keeping the opening upright.
  2.  Screw in the new refill cartridge into the opening of the upper unit, tilting the cartridge slowly to avoid spilling the powdered ink.


Refills available in 5 colors:

  •  Art No. 4720 Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (Blue)
  •  Art No. 4721 Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (Pink)
  •  Art No. 4722 Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (White)
  •  Art No. 4723 Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style (Yellow)
  •  Art No. 4724 Refill Cartridge for Chaco Liner Pen Style Silver)



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